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Our phones are with us almost every moment of the day. We use them every moment possible to connect our people and share our story, but when we have to send money, we have to rush to local store

Imagine being able to send money to Nepal with the push of button on your mobile.

No driving long miles to stay on long queue, no filling long forms and No paying high fees…

Won’t that be great?

Introducing PAYO MOBILE APP.

PAYO MOBILE APP provides an easier and simpler way to transfer money from USA to Nepal from your mobile phone.

Easily send money from anywhere and anytime, have it delivered to any bank in Nepal.

It’s super simple, secure and affordable.

Use it for free after sign up for unlimited  transactions.

What more can you possibly ask for?

Download PAYO today and start sending money to Nepal with ease…



Pawan Yonjan

Founder & CEO


"Trying harder to achieve the dream. Making our own product to solve our own problem. Share your smile with your love one in back home Nepal."

Location: New York



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Location: Edmonton Office